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Best Decorative Maps for Your Home

Show Off Your Wanderlust by Turning Your Travel Maps into Decoration Objects!

Maps have been used for decorative purposes for many centuries, even if they have not gained a high level of popularity. We have heard about historical, river, or road maps, but we are here to discuss a unique type of map-decorative maps!

Decorative maps are exquisite pieces and bring a sense of exploration and adventure. They stir our imagination and dreams and add a nostalgic flair to any place or wall. Be it literally or metaphorically-they take us to our destination!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a map is worth a thousand more.

Maps don’t always have to be some boring paper pieces with squiggles that almost everyone believes to be. You would be surprised to learn that decorative maps are the most breathtaking pieces for decorating anything that one could ask for.

If you are a travel-obsessed person and want to remember a vacation forever or decorate your interior with a charm- then decorative maps are a huge hit, and you should embrace them.

From vintage maps to some pages cut out of an old atlas, one can easily use these pieces in any home decor style. In this modern era, they are not only a symbolic representation of geographical paths and features but are widely used for decorative purposes.

Whether it is a topographical map, a collection of national park maps, a nautical chart, a world, a subway map, or a historical map, as highly fascinating as they are to study- they also look gorgeous when used for decorative purposes.

Decorative Maps add to the charm and warmth of a place. They are an outdoor way to celebrate your travel journey or to dream of an area you wish to go to.

Decorative Maps – Are They for Real?

Decorative Maps

The history of maps dates back to 1638, and since there was a non-stop era of map development, we now name any place or state and can quickly get its map. Today, map makers or designers take information and contextual facts from old ones to create or recreate new and modern ones used as breathtaking decorative objects.

The purpose of this piece of paper was to give a concise review of the geographical features of a place, but with time their function of them has changed. For instance, they were used for scientific illustrations to register new species when there were no photography concepts, but nowadays, they have become decorative images.

They can be an incredible decoration element that will make you dream for your next trip. You can create original and stunning decorations with them, which can be used for decorating almost everything!

The Benefits of Using Decorative Maps

  • An inexpensive and memorable gift you can give to your loved ones.
  • When framed or turned into portraits- they will always make you cherish your favorite vacancy or spots.
  • One can make countless objects from maps and put maps into use that were lying around in your room or library.
  • Using them as decorative objects can give your room or lounge a vintage and classic look.
  • Maps or globes can be gifted as souvenirs to others as well.

There are countless ways to add a pop of map to your place. Who wondered if geographical items could become essential ornamental elements of our home?

The most excellent way to ensure that your map decor feels more aesthetic is to decorate with the ones with some personal attachment or meaning to you. Map of your favorite vacation, your hometown, or your family origin location will always have an important place at your home!

Brilliant Ideas and Classic Uses of Decorative Maps

Decorative Maps have become a new trend and becoming popular each day. With such types of maps, there are countless gorgeous decoration possibilities, and we will tell you how to do it!

If you are looking for an elegant way to decorate your house or want to give something memorable to your loved ones- then decorative maps are your answer.

There are as many ways to use them for decorative purposes as there are maps. With the recent resurgence in their popularity, we’ve witnessed them move beyond frames and dowels.

Turn your dream destination maps into stunning decoration objects.

We have prepared some fantastic ideas to decorate your home or personal space with old maps in a stylish way. Let’s have a look at some innovative ideas and their uses for decorations:

An Inexpensive and Gorgeous Wall Art

Decorative Maps

If you are a traveling lover or cartographer or looking for innovative ideas to spruce up your wall, then decorative maps are just what you need. Decorating the walls of your house with maps or turning them into wall art is a sure way to grab eyeballs.

Personalize your home walls by displaying maps of your favorite places that you’ve visited. You can choose a gigantic map facade that extends from one corner of the wall to another junction- giving an aesthetic and dreamy look to your wall.

If you are fortunate enough to find various maps in a consistent color scheme or great contrasts, frame them or turn them into wallpaper and forget the hassle of painting the wall.

Stunning and Memorable Gifts

Sometimes it can become challenging to choose an exotic and memorable gift for your loved ones. But worry not, maps have got your back!

You can create many; trust us, many unique things from the old ones lying around in your home. Countless DIY videos and tutorials are available to develop funky yet elegant stuff from them.

Following are some unique ideas to utilize the map and make memorable gifts to your family and friends:

  • Map coasters and candles
  • Map bookmarks and collages
  • Map fridge magnets
  • picture frames
  • Show-off boxes

Gorgeous Showpiece for Your Home

A home is a reflection of one’s self, personality, likes, and comforts. We have noticed a unique concept nowadays: using old maps to decorate homes- we think it is a great idea!

There are way too many things that could be made from them, such as box covers, vintage table mats, coasters, cozy map prints on cushion fabrics, glasses covered with maps, and much more. We are stunned to learn this, and surely you would be too- but maps can be turned into versatile and beautiful decoration showpieces.

Teach Your Kids with These Colorful Maps

If you have an old or vintage map lying around in your home-than, using them to teach your children is the best option to put them into use. You can make it as a mural for the kids. It will easily enforce educational values in them and jump-start their geographical skills and interest. They are so playful and colorful- they would surely grab the interest of the little ones.

Jazz Up Your Sofa, Chairs, and Bed

For the maniacs who love leafing through the atlases and absorbing every intricate detail, these maps are indeed for you. Great as a sofa focal piece or a makeshift headboard for your bed, maps are worldly and can make the home a cultured and lived-in feel.

Find a more significant map piece to create something magical and eye-catching.

Transform Vintage Lamps with Exotic Map Pieces 

If you want to change the look of your plain lamp, keep your vacation memories. At the same time-then, maps are the best for this purpose. Update the look and shade of your lamb by lining and decorating it with an old map.

It would give your lamp a chic and vintage look and an aesthetic and cozy touch to your room. So grab some old maps and turn your lamps into stunning art pieces.

Map Portraits 

Map Portraits

Wish to add a little flair to your pictures at home? The maps are the best choice to fulfill your wish. It is a fun yet fantastic idea to decorate the frames with some vintage ones. You can always use the maps of the places you have traveled to create frames and use your vacation pictures to frame. An absolute treat for yourself and a brilliant idea to remember your trip forever!

Be it a large vintage map on a wall or an old one turned into a cute frame, it will give a refined feel to the space. The colors, textures, sizes, and shapes of maps make them highly versatile objects to create from and decorate. Undoubtedly, today we have various ideas and inspiration to use in decorating our homes or tiny personal spots.

In a Nutshell 

For travel geeks, decorating with maps is the most incredible way to incorporate their passion into their decor. If you want to keep the memory of the places you have traveled to and lived in, using them as decorations is a unique way to keep the memories alive forever.

Now, you must have developed an interest in decorating your home with vintage maps, so use the ones around your home or grab some new ones from the shop!

Are you feeling inspired? Grab a map and turn it into something unique and memorable!

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